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Here are three important pieces of information for you today.

1. Monday, December 17 is our Choir Concert!  Students can be dropped off at door U at Portage High School between 5:15 and 5:30.  We will warm up and do a concert wal through from 5:30-6:30.  Doors will open at 6:30 for audience seating.  The concert begins at 7:00 pm and should last approximately an hour.  Please do not park in the yellow curb tow zone in front of the Auditorium, rather park to the east of the building and walk around to Door A.

2. Parent help is needed for the concert. There is something for everyone.  Please click the link and sign up to help.  Thanks

3.  Portage Music Spirit Wear is available at this link! The store will be up until 11:59 on the 13th for orders that want/need to be received before Christmas. The store will reopen on Saturday the 15th, but the orders will not be in before Christmas break.  The store will be open for 3 weeks total, but will have the short break to allow for processing before reopening. 

Do you want to receive text message reminders about our choirs from Remind?

6th Grade Choir    https://www.remind.com/join/wmschoir21

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7th Grade Choir    https://www.remind.com/join/wmschoir20

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WMS Choir Alumni  https://www.remind.com/join/wmschoiral

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Email dated 8/17/18

Good afternoon parents!

What a whirlwind week at the creek!  I am so excited to be back to work and to have your children in class.  There are just a few items of note for you this week.

Polo Shirts
We are working on getting order forms to you as soon as we can.  Students will need the black Middle School Music Polo Shirt for all performances to wear with their black pants, socks, and shoes.  7th and 8th graders were told to find all concert dress items from last year and try them on so they can better communicate needs to you as to what is out grown.

Choir Calendar
Is here at this link or the website below for all your informational needs!

Remind Messages
Please add your mobile number(and your student's number) to the Remind list.

6th Grade Choir    https://www.remind.com/join/wmschoir21

                                Or text @wmschoir21 to  # 81010

7th Grade Choir    https://www.remind.com/join/wmschoir20

                                Or text @wmschoir20 to  # 81010

8th Grade Choir    https://www.remind.com/join/wmschoir19

                               Or text @wmschoir19 to  # 81010

Choir Handbook 
It can be found here.  It must be read in its entirety and the form at the back must be signed and returned by Tuesday.

Email dated 9/5/18
Parents/Guardians, here are just a few items from the wonderful singing world here at WIllowcreek.

1. At this time, all students have their iPads coming home.  Be sure to create an apple ID for your child if you have not done so already.  The directions below are from our IT department.  If you have any further issues, please direct them to Jill Edwards.

From Jill Edwards, our IT specialist at WMS.  jill.edwards@portage.k12.in.us
The easiest way for students to create [an apple ID] AND get the NONE choice for how to pay is:
1) Have them tap on the APP  STORE
2) Have them choose an app, like Google Mail
3) There will be a popup that will ask to enter an existing account or create a new one. Choose CREATE A NEW ONE.
4) Enter all of the information, making sure that students under 13 know that they need their parents to fill in ALL of the info, not just use their parent's birth date. Older students should be encouraged to use their school email address.
5) When it comes to the payment screen, NONE will be a choice. 
If, during any of these steps, they are stopped from proceeding, a reason will be given, like an account already exists with the email they are trying to use. They must use the existing account or use a different email. 

2. Once an Apple ID has been established, the choir students need to have the following apps:
image.pngSight Reading Factory
image.png Doceri
image.png Voice Record Pro

We will also download a tuner and metronome.  (There is a paid app I really like and it is usually offered for free for a week every fall...I'm waiting.) 

3. Next week will be sign ups and auditions for Circle the State with Song.  It is a Choral festival on March 2, 2019.  More information will be sent home with interested students.  Approximately 40 students will be selected from Willowcreek.

4. Following Circle the State with Song auditions, select students will be invited to audition for the All State Honor Choirs  January 17-18, 2019.  More information will be sent home with interested students.

5. Carnegie Hall and Royal Festival Hall nominations will be submitted shortly.  This is a wonderful experience in New York(June) or London(July). https://honorsperformance.org/ can provide dates and prices for your consideration.  Families interested in more information should fill out this form so I can have information sent to you about auditions!  If you'd rather request your own information, please visit this link.

6. Please check your student's PowerSchool.  You will see in the gradebook whether or not your child has submitted the Handbook Parent Information and Permission Form.  Please send that back as soon as possible if you have not done that already.

7. Please check your student's PowerSchool.  You will see in the gradebook whether or not your child has paid for their Sight Reading Factory Method.  It will be marked collected or missing.  Please send in $2 as soon as possible if you have not done that already.

8. Please send in your child's polo shirt order form by September 12.  No money is due at this time, but $14 will be accepted if sent in.  Polos will not be given to students until the shirt is paid for.  Students new to choir (all 6th graders, some 7th and 8th graders) need a NEW one unless wearing an older sibling's shirt.  Seventh and eighth graders should locate their shirts, try them on and determine if a new shirt needs to be ordered. 
9. Please visit the WMS Choir website for more uniform information on how to donate outgrown uniform items!

Email dated 9/12/18


            Thanks so much for getting apple IDs set up for your children.  Our Sight Reading Method is sightreadingfactory.com.  It requires that the app be downloaded or that students access the website on a computer with a microphone to record their sight reading tests.  I have seen so much more student engagement with this tool that with the books(which get forgotten or lost) we’ve used in the past.  Our first test is due tomorrow for all grades.


Thanks to all students and families that participated in the fall fundraiser!  We are so thankful for your support of the music department.  The Music Boosters parent organization will use this money to supplement the Choir, Band, and Orchestra programs in grade 6-12!  Order forms were due yesterday, 9/11, but I can take them as late as 7:30 am on Friday 9/14.  Please send in the orders or visit www.piperfundraising.com to place an order if you haven't done so.  Orders will be delivered on 10/2 and money is due 10/12


Thank you to the parents who came out on Monday evening to support the Portage Music Boosters.  It was nice to see the parent involvement.  Each secondary school gave a brief report and then the upcoming concerts(parent volunteers needed) and the additional fundraisers (restaurant nights) were discussed.  Our next meeting is November 12 at 7:00 p.m.

Join us:  https://www.facebook.com/Portage-Music-Boosters260905690610629/

And https://www.facebook.com/groups/273500166415542/


The uniform orders are due today.  Please check with your child that they have completed an order if a shirt is needed.  



An online sprit wear store has been setup for the Portage Music Department through Blythes.  This is the same way that athletic teams purchase gear.  This entire process is super easy for us.  Here is the web address for parents and families to access the online store.   https://portagemusic18.itemorder.com.  The store will close on Sunday, September 23rd at midnight.    

·      All ordering, money handling and sorting will happen through Blythes.  

·      I will pass out the presorted and bagged product to the kids when orders arrive.  

·      Those placing an order will need to select their school and then their organization from a dropdown menu at checkout. It doesn’t matter which class they choose if they are double music kids.  

·      There is an option to have items shipped to their houses.  It does not cost extra to have items delivered to the school. 

·      Names can be put on the back of any of the gear for an up charge.  Silly or inappropriate names requested on the garments are flagged for approval by directors.

Email dated 10/21/18


The PTS online spirit wear store is up and running! This online store is managed through Blythe’s and is a SUPER easy process for everyone. https://portagemusic18.itemorder.com/

The store is currently open and will close on Sunday, September 23rd at midnight. We will have another online store sale before the holidays - BUT I SAY START SHOPPING NOW!

Some info: 
-Blythe’s handles all ordering, money handling and sorting.
-All orders are set to be delivered to the school; however, there is also an option to have items shipped to you directly (with cost). No costs if delivered to the school.
- MY FAVORITE - Names can be put on the back of any of the gear for an extra charge!



Sight Reading Factory is our Sight Reading Method Series.  It is online at www.sightreadingfactory.com and it uses an app from the Apple app store.  All students should be logging in to the website on a PC with a mic or into the App to take their tests at this time.  Student who do not have the app, can install it with an apple ID or see me to have it put on their School iPads.  These two methods are the only way that students can take their tests at home in a non-timed manner.  Please let me know if your student needs assistance with the app at this time.


The Portage Homecoming Parade will be Thursday, September 27.  The WMS Choir students have an opportunity to earn extra credit by singing the PHS fight song and walking in the parade with other choir members.  The attached information form was sent home with students on 9/20.  I NEED PARENT CHAPERONES to walk with us in the parade.  Please let me know if you have at least the level 2 background check and would be willing to walk with us.  A bus will be bringing students and chaperones back to WMS following the parade.

As always, please check your child's PowerSchool Grades to make sure they have the Handbook form turned in and their Sight Reading Fee Paid.  Student without the handbook form are not allowed to participate in the parade on Thursday.

Email 10/1/18

Good afternoon Parents and Students!

Just a few items for you as we begin our week.

1. Fundraiser orders come in tomorrow (10/2).  Students will be bringing home their fundraising items and should begin delivering them.  Please have them start to call their customers Tuesday evening and arrange for delivery and payments.  All items must be delivered and money returned to school by Friday, October 12 in order for students to be eligible for prizes.  Any check should be made payable to Portage Music Boosters.

2. Attached you will find a printable voucher for your child to attend the Portage High School Band, Choir, or Orchestra Concerts held in the next two weeks.  Vouchers were handed out in class as well.  Feel free to print as many as you need.  You need a paper copy to use as your ticket.

Thanks so much!
Mrs. Franks


Honor Choir: 
Call Backs are today and tomorrow.  Those recordings must be made by next Monday evening.  No exceptions!  All learning material are found in the HONOR CHOIR Schoology Group.

Circle the State with Song:  
If your child was selected for Circle the State with Song, their registration fees and forms are due on Friday, October 5.

Email dated 11/18

 The first quarter is over and we are now headed to concert season.  Here are a few notes from me about upcoming items in the 2nd quarter.

 1.     Parent/Teacher Conferences: Please click HERE if you would like to schedule a Parent/Teacher Conferences with me to discuss your child’s choir progress.  I have recordings of your child sight reading and can discuss homework completion at that time.  You do not need to have an appointment, drop ins are welcome.  I will be in the cafeteria with the other related arts faculty on Thursday, October 25.

 2.     Carnegie Hall Auditionees:  Students will be choosing music next week and the following week.  If your child has been nominated, they will be able to watch for more information in Schoology soon!

 3.     Circle the State with SongRehearsals will begin soon!  If your child is participating, they must watch Schoology for more information.  Music has been ordered and I am waiting for it to arrive.

 4.     CONCERTS and AFTER SCHOOL REHEARSALS:  I will have approximately 2 required rehearsals per choir after school in late November/early December to rehearse with our accompanist.  As soon as dates/times are confirmed with our accompanist, they will be sent home and made available in Schoology and on the Choir Website.

a.     VETERAN’S DAY Performance-8th grade only required- Nov. 12  7:30 am at Willowcreek Gym

b.     WINTER CONCERT- all grades required- Monday, December 17

                                               i.     Call time for students is 5:30 Door U at PHS East

                                              ii.     Concert begins at 7:00 at PHS East Auditorium  $2 adults/$1 for students

5.     Concert Attire:  If you haven’t already paid for your child’s polo shirt, please send that in soon.  Below is a chart containing initials of the students who have ordered shirts and not yet paid for and picked up shirts. Please send $14 to school as soon as possible.  Students are responsible for providing their own BLACK DRESS PANTS, BLACK DRESS SHOES, and if appropriate, BLACK BELT AND SOCKS

6th grade Mod 4

6th grade

Mod 5/6

7th grade

Mod 2

7th grade Mod 3

8th grade Mod 8/9

8th grade Mod 19











































 6.     Outstanding Fundraising and Sight Reading Factory Fees: Students who still owe this money have been sent multiple messages in Schoology.  Please ask them to log into the  choir class on Schoology and show you whether or not they have received a message from me.