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If you want your organization to become a member in Platorm Network  you should follow the rules of our constituition:


Members are institutions or organisations within the youth sector that represent a country, a region or a local community. In principle there can be more than one member from a country, but not on overlapping levels of administration.


An institution or organisation has to be proposed and mentored by a member (godmother/ godfather) as a new member. With this nomination it becomes a new applicant for membership. By a decision of the general assembly new applicants become observers. After becoming active within the next three years the General Assembly can accept observers as members. A member becomes an observer again both if he does not participate in the General Assembly for three years and if he does not participate in any proposed activity for three years.

That means you should contact one of our member organizations (you maybe know) and ask them to propose you as a new applicant for the upcoming general meeting. If you don't know any of our member organizations or participants you can always contact us under: