Done Activities

Actvities 2020

Actvities 2019

Germany MV - Leinen Los!

Germany EVEA - Media On Tour "Come to the limits"

Slovakia - [Demo]cracy 

Project presentation on a website: 

Germany EVEA - Eurovisionen 2019 Neuerburg

Actvities 2018

The Platform Network Activities are mainly targeted to youngsters aged 13-30. Our Activites have various different topics (Sports, Media, Arts, Travel, Social work, Intercultural exchange) from all kind of non-formal Youth Work. Here you can see a selection of projects from 2018.

Open minds open hearts - Germany-MV 2018

EVEA - Eurovisionen / Freetime Creative 2018

Food 4 fun, Food 4 life - Ireland 2018

EVEA - Bicycle-Media-Tour 2018

All the project results (Storymap, Videos, Radio-Podcast) you can find here:

Ekofili - Group EVS - Greece

Group EVS in Finland 2018

Belgium - Promo Video 2019 - Averbode