Proposals for future projects

Platform Network member organisations can propose new project and ideas to their partner organisation through our INTRANET

If you are looking for a partner organisation within the Platform Network to send or host a group, you can use our Partner Search Form

Platform Network - Partner Search Form.pdf

Partner Search Form - How to find partner organisations?

Members can find detailed information and documents to adopt on the Intranet.

Platform Network Activities Proposals

Platform Network activity proposals 2024 - all proposals.pdf

Proposal list 2024

Collected and accepted on 38th general meeting, Kryoneri, Greece, 2023

Platform Network activity proposals 2022.pdf

Proposal list 2022

Collected and accepted on 36th general meeting, Neuerburg, Germany, 2021

Platform Network activity proposals 2021.pdf

Proposal list 2021

Collected and accepted on 35thd general meeting, Neuerburg, Germany, 2020 - virtual meeting (Corona)

Platform Network activity proposals 2020 - all proposals.pdf

Proposal list 2020

Collected and accepted on 34thd general meeting, Vorarlberg, Austria, 2019

Platform Network activity proposals 2019.pdf

Proposal list 2019

Collected and accepted on 33rd general meeting, Vila Nova de Famalicao, Portugal, 2018

Platform Network Activity proposals 2018.pdf

Proposal list 2018

Collected and accepted on 32nd general meeting, Kosice, Slovakia

Platform Network Activities Proposals 2017.pdf

Proposal list 2017

Collected and accepted on 31st general meeting, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Platform Network Activity proposals 2016.pdf

Proposal list 2016

Collected and accepted on 30th general meeting, Galway, Ireland

Platform Network Activity Proposals 2015.pdf

Proposal list 2015

Collected and accepted on 29th general meeting, Triesenberg, Liechtenstein

Platform Network Activity Proposals 2014.pdf

Proposal list 2014

Collected and accepted on 28th general meeting, Kokkola, Finland

Platform Network Activity Proposals 2013.pdf

Proposal list 2013

Collected and accepted on 27th general meeting, Würzburg, Germany

Platform Network Activity Proposals 2012.pdf

Proposal list 2012

Collected and accepted on 26th general meeting, Vercelli, Italy

Platform Network Activity Proposals 2011.pdf

Proposal list 2011

Collected and accepted on 25th general meeting, Greifswald, Germany