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This site is geared towards grades Kindergarten to Fourth Grade students and their families to promote literacy, technology, and library skills. It is my hope that my students leave the media center with the tools of a strategic reader and even a greater passion for reading. 

Media Center Site for Pittsgrove Township Schools K-4

                                                    Elmer Elementary School  Grades K - 1 

                                                     Olivet Elementary School  Grades 2-4


Parent Note:

Good Digital Citizens learn and apply the habits and skills they need to use technology safely and responsibly in school, at home, and beyond. The Pittsgrove Township District prides itself on providing a safe learning environment for its students. An emerging national concern is the inappropriate use of technology tools and the Internet by students. This problem has the potential to be harmful, and we ask your support in assisting us with this challenge.


You, as their parents/guardians, are your child’s first teachers. Please be sure that you have an open discussion with your child/children about the importance of using technology safely and responsibly in school, at home, and beyond as well as the consequences  & outcomes of poor choices  when using electronic devices.


We also encourage you to establish rules and guidelines to ensure the safety of your child while on the internet outside of school. Some websites offer parental or family guidance for internet safety.


Thank you for your support and cooperation in keeping our students safe!

Check out our Digital Citizen page on Ms. Acosta's Library Land for more helpful tips and information!