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Grade 2

Fun Kids Online Math - Activities at all levels. Also time and money. 
Writing Fun- Writing templates

Truth in Advertising
Folktales - Starfall
Community Club - Jobs in the community
Pine River School Community of LeRoy, Luther, and Tustin, Michigan
Tech Skill: Jobs in our community PowerPoint, 1 slide, copy, paste, resize, wordart, animation and sound. 
Tech Skill: Student usernames and passwords 
Tech Skill: Learning to use Accelerated Reader
Solids and Liquids (ws)  -  Gasses Around Us  (ws) - Change It!   

Ben and Jerry's Holloween Fun   

VA Kids - Activities for Veterans' Day 
Math Magician - Add, Sub, Mult and Div by level. - Subtraction L1 
Fun Kids Online Math - Activities at all levels. Also time and money. 
Comic Creator - Create your own story cartoons.
Tech Skill: Interactive websites for curriculum reinforcement

Write a letter to Santa - Letter Generator
Spin and Spell - Spell the words to match the pictures
January - February

Properties of Water   
Water Cycle - 3 lessons   
Continents and Oceans - Online quiz activity
Tech Skill: Biographies. Create one page presentation with picture of famous person. Use autoshapes for facts. Webmapping.
Tech Skill: MS Word Copy and Paste picture of favorite penguin; Type facts on what (name of penguin), where (does it live), and how (did it get its name) using callouts.
Presidents' Day
Switcharoo Zoo - Animals in their environment
Money Lessons - Counting, adding and subtracting AAAMath

A Walk in the Woods - Audio explains what can be found in the woods at different times of the year.

Trees Are Terriffic - Travel with Pierre

Earth Day - National Geographic
Endangered Species
Additional Lessons
Dart Board Math - Double the numbers
Ghost Blaster - Multiples
Animal Habitats
Science Unit Plan
 Plant Unit (MP 4 Apr - June)
  • Describe the life cycle - (seed plant flower fruit)
  • Identify the needs of plants    
  • Identify the characteristics of plants - (leaf shape, flower tyope, color, size) that are passed from parent to young
Measurement of Properties (MP 1 Sept - Nov)
  • Describe substances according to properties - (color size shape texture hardness solid liquid sinking floating)
  • Measure length of objects using rulers and meter sticks
  • Measure volume of liquids using measuring cups and measuring spoons

Uses and Properties of Water (MP 3  Jan - Mar)
  • Identify water sources (wells, springs, lakes, rivers, oceans)
  • Identify household uses of water (drinking, cleaning, food prep.)
  • Describe prop. (visible, flowing, melting, dew) of water as a liquid (lakes, rivers, streams, oceans)
  • Describe prop. of water as a solid (ice, snow, iceerg, sleet, hail)
 Earth's Surface Features (MP2 Nov - Jan)
  • Describe major landforms (mountains plains plateaus valleys hills)
  • Describe how rain collects on surface and flows downhill to bodies of water (streams, lakes, rivers, oceans) or into ground
  • Describe major bodies of water
Social Studies Content Expectations
Living and Working Together in Communities
  • timeline of community events over decades
  • changes in local community over time
  • problem in community's past and how it was resolved
  • historical narrative of local community
World in Spatial Terms
  • construct maps of local community    
  • use maps - distance, direction and scale
Places and Regions
  • compare physical and human characteristics of local community with those of another community
  • how is local community part of larger region
Human Systems
  • land use in community
  • means people create for moving people and goods
  • culture - food language traditions
Environment and Society
  • responsible ways to interact with enviroment
  • positive and negative consequences of changing the physical environment
Civics and Government
Purposes of Government
  • why people form governments
  • distinguish between government action and private action
Values and Principles
  • balance individual rights with common good to solve a problem
  • Pledge of Allegiance reflects core democratic value of patriotism
Structure and Function of Government
  • how local governmemts make and enforce laws
  • examples to describe how local government affects the lives of citizens
  • services commonly provided by local governments - police library schools parks fire department
Roles of the Citizen in American Democracy
  • ways citizens participate in community decisions
  • personal and civic responsibilities
  • participate in a community improvement project
Market Economy
  • Cost involved in a consumer decision
  • business in the local community
  • how businesses meet the wants of community
  • people depend on trade
Public Discourse, Decision Making and Citizen Involvement
Identifying and Analyzing Public Issues
  • identify public issues in community that effect daily lives
  • use graphic data to analyze iformation on public issues
  • conflicts over core democratic values
Persuasive Communication About a Public Issue
  • compose a statement expressing a position on a public policy issue in community and justify
Citizen Involvement
  • plan to address or inform others about a public issue
  • participate in projects to help or inform others