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Grade 1

Writing Fun- Writing templates
Fun Kids Online Math - Activities at all levels. Also time and money. 

Magic - Starfall


Tech Skill: Student username and passwords
Tech Skill: Web browser navigation
Tech Skill: PR webpage navigation
Tech Skill: Type spelling words
Shapes (Oct)
Tech Skill: Create a picture (ie jack-o-lantern) with autoshapes


VA Kids - Activities for Veterans' Day

Fun Kids Online Math - Activities at all levels. Also time and money. 

Ourselves -BBC

Health and Growth - BBC

City Creator

San Diego Zoo 

Mapping Activity

Cardinal Directions

Thanksgiving Clip Art

Clip Art


Sammy's Science House - Weather (On the desktop)

Changes in the Weather - Dress the bear for the weather. Match the temperature.


Consonant Clusters - Magic Blender - BBC

What's the Word - Match the word and the picture.


Sorting and Using Materials - BBC

Grouping and Changing -BBC

Tech Skill: Demonstrate Accelerated Reader
Tech Skill: Practice geometric figures using auto shapes in Word


Sammy's Science House - Build a Machine 

The Environment - BBC 

Make a Word - How many words can you make with short vowel sounds?


Consonant Blends

Letter Blends


Final Digraphs

Sadlier Phonics - Teacher Resource for phonics lessons

EZ School Learning Games 

I Spy 

Tech Skill: Type spelling words using MS Word.

Tech Skill: Word Art Spelling Words 



Variations -BBC

Habitats - BBC

Tech Skill:  Accelerated Reader - Demo how to take an AR quiz 

Valentines Day Online Activities

Animal Maker - Follow the directions to make mixed-up animals.


Math Magician - Addition and Subtraction problems by level.

Word Build and Bank - Pick and ending sound and create words with this ending. 

Magnets and Springs - BBC 

Tech Skill: MS Word Auto Shapes - Type a sentence and draw a picture using autoshapes.


Diaper Derby

Monkey Business - Make a sentence by clicking on the words in order.
Word Scramble - Spell the word from the mixed up letters 
Opposites - Find the word that means the opposite.
Same AS - Find the word that means the same.
Addition - Drag and count the number of objects to the work area in order to help solve the problem.


Interactive Time Activities

Turn the Hands to Match the Time

Time - To the hour

Just in Time - Links to interactive quizes and printable worksheets.
April - May

Animals and Zoos  - crockodiles, pandas, tigers

Switcharoo Zoo - Animals in their environment

Animal Jigsaw Puzzles - From the National Zoo. Make sure to check out Other Goodies which includes: Pandas, Migrating Birds, Seals, and Quizzes.

Seek and Find Animals

John Ball Park Zoo - In Grand Rapids, MI
Use these sited for your zoo animal report.


Infrared Zoo - See how warm and cold blooded animals appear when pictures are taken with an infrared camera.
San Diego Zoo Kids Games - after the visit to the zoo

BBC Science Clips

Spin and Spell

PBS Kids 


Sum Sense - Addition - Set your own speed.

Sum Sense - Subtraction - Set your own speed.

AAA Math - Grade 1 activities

Additional Lessons

Keyboarding - Letter recognition on the keyboard


BBC Literacy - Spelling, Phonics, Rhymes, etc.

Ghost Blasters Odd

Ghost Blasters Even

Count Who - BBC Add and Subtract with pictures and numbers

Save the Apples Math - Addition (End Nov)

Spooky Sequences 2 - Count by 2s

Spooky Sequences 5 - Count by 5s

Spooky Sequences 10 - Count by 10s

Word Turtle - Create your own word search online and play! (6 words)

Counting Money - from Harcourt