About Ms. Greeson

When I was a little girl, I was always reading books and singing songs. My parents found me under my bed with a book and flashlight in the middle of the night on many occasions. I went into college knowing that I wanted to be a therapist of some sort, but eventually realized that I have more to offer in a classroom setting and pursued a teaching credential in English because of my love for literature as well as the written word.

I taught preschool for five and a half years, so I believe that I can handle anything. My students showed me how to have fun and how to view the world with an open mind. These ideals are what I want to instill in my high school students. I believe that we are lifelong learners and we must never stop laughing or exploring. 

I am a Sonoma County native having grown up in Rohnert Park up until high school. I attended Elsie Allen High School and am proud to call it my alma mater. I am a graduate of Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University. I am currently working on finding the best graduate            program to attend. In school, I was in the accapella choir, drama production, cheerleading, swimming, and leadership. I encourage all of my students to become involved in school regardless of the activity. I believe that time goes by very quickly and we must embrace our time in order to use it                            Giants game at AT&T Park

                                      Top 10 Things to Know About Ms. Greeson
                                      1. I am deaf in my right ear (but people always forget)
                                      2. I am loud and energetic
                                      3. Michelangelo is the best Ninja Turtle
                                      4. I love Petaluma High School
                                      5. I believe that books are portals to other worlds
                                      6. I love penguins
                                      7. My mom is my best friend & my nephews are adorable
                                      8. The Little Mermaid is the best Disney movie ever
     My brother, nephews, and I at the McNary Hatchery in Oregon                                              9. My favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck
                                                                                                                                     10. Beat LA!