Hello! Welcome to Second Grade! 

We want your child to have the best day possible in our classrooms each day, and it will help us make that happen if we communicate with each other as needed. Send your child's teacher a note or call the office and leave a message. We will be glad to get in touch with you during our planning time or after school. We try our best to respond to all notes and calls the day they are received.

You may reach your child's teacher the following ways:

  • Capshaw School Phone  931-526-2414
  • Sending a note with your child
  • Emailing your child's teacher

Mrs. Kendra Hillis:  hillisk10@pcsstn.com

Ms. Jessica Moore:  jmoore1@pcsstn.com

Mrs. Lisa Rand:   randl@pcsstn.com

Mrs. Kaydell Smith:  smithk14@pcsstn.com

Mrs. Rosie Faulhaber:  rosemary.faulhaber@pcsstn.com

If we don't contact you within 24 hours, there is a good chance that we did not receive your message, so please call again. We try to respond to all parent notes, calls, and emails during weekdays within 24 hours of receiving the message.