hiWelcome and thank you for visiting my school counseling website! The school counseling program at Jaindl is a building-wide program, which includes classroom guidance lessons, classroom meetings, peer mediation, career awareness and exploration, mindfulness, small group counseling, and opportunities for individual counseling.   Another key component to the school counseling program at Jaindl is our School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) program. You will find a pamphlet under my references that explains the SWPBS program in detail. All components of the program are designed to promote and maintain a sense of community and belonging at Jaindl. I have included a couple pages for your review, which provide further information on the role of the school counselor as well as descriptions of the programs that are available at Jaindl, and I do hope to add to this website as the year progresses, so please check back for updates.

This is my 25th year in the school counseling profession, my 14th year in Parkland, and I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to serve in this community. I am also Department Chairperson for Elementary School Counseling in Parkland, and I am honored to serve in this position. I am looking forward to continuing to help our students reach their full potential: Every child is a gift, just waiting to be discovered, and I intend to help our students discover their "spark." :)

If you missed my Open House Presentation, Please check it out! 

Anastasia A. Caltabiano, M.S., NCC
Department Chair, Elementary School Counseling

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