Here are some typical questions the Crew is asked at Camp:

How much does the Crew get paid for catering?

Nothing. The Crew are all members of Scouts Canada and Camp Opemikon is our service project, service being the motto of Rovers. All of our time at Camp in the off-season is volunteer.

When is the Crew at Camp?

The Crew is up on weekends from September to June. Many members of the Crew are hired to work at the summer composite camp and that is why you see members of the Crew at Camp all year round.

How did the Crew learn how to do all this?

The Crew has a long history of training its younger members, so that they can continue to help the Camp. Members of the Crew have taken training in Food Handler's certification, First Aid, Ropes Certification and others in order to provide the best possible service.

How can I become a member of the Crew?

You have to be invited to become a member of the Crew. Knighted members of the Crew nominate prospective new members in the August meeting. If 2/3 of the Crew agrees that the person would be an asset to the Crew the nominated person is invited to join, as a squire. After one season of work at Camp, if both the Crew and the squire agree on becoming a knighted member, the squire is knighted and becomes a full member of the Crew.

What is a typical menu on the weekend?