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Crew History


In October 1959 the Opemikon Rover Crew was formed under the joint leadership of R.H. (Buster) Crabbe and Homer Last, and had six members. That fall it catered to and supervised the work of what became the first of many work weekends. In January 1960 the crew operated the first winter weekend at camp. Every winter since then the Crew has operated the winter camp. It is estimated that more than 15 thousand youth and leaders have attended winter camp at Opemikon and were catered to by the crew.

In addition to providing the catering at Camp during the off season, the Crew has:
  • Catered to most of the weekend Woodbadge courses held in the region since 1961.
  • Catered most of the Eastern Ontario Gilwell Reunion weekends held since 1962.
  • Has catered many large and small groups who have camped at Opemikon in the spring and fall, as well as catering many weekend work groups.
  • Landscaped the immediate area around the dinning hall when it was constructed in 1974 and most of the remaining core area.
  • Landscaped The Chapel when it was first constructed.
  • Developed a number of patrol sites in the orchard.
  • Undertaken many other maintenance activities around the camp such as tree and brush clearing, grass cutting, road repair, placing sod and many others.
  • Built the new Crew Cabin.
  • Provide programming such are running High and Low ropes for weekend campers.