Roxana Mihet

Welcome! I am a Ph.D. student at New York University, Stern School of Business and I am on the job market this year.

Research interests: Macro-Finance, Information Choice, Technology and Innovation, Asset Pricing, Portfolio Theory, Economic Growth

My research focuses on applied theory in financial economics and information economics. My particular research interests include interactions between financial markets and technological innovation, financing innovation, economic growth, inequality, Fintech, and retail investment patterns. I am among Top 5% Female Economists and among Top 9% Economists (last 10 years publications) according to IDEAS.

Awarded the "Special Mention Prize" at the European Best JM Paper Contest 2019 by the European Economic Association and UniCredit

Awarded the "Macro Financial Research Initiative Grant" by the Becker Friedman Institute and the Alfred Sloan Foundation

Presented at: HEC Lausanne (2020), NY FED (2020), McGill Desautels (2020), Goldman Sachs (2020), The 14th Macro-Finance Society (USC Marshall, 2019), The Future of Financial Information (Stockholm Business School, 2019), Columbia University (2019), AFA (2019), Bank of International Settlements (2019), International Monetary Fund (2019), European Commission (2019), Chicago Booth Asset Pricing Conference (2018), MFM Summer Session (2018), Wharton Women in Business (2018) and at internal NYU and NYU Stern seminars (2018, 2019).

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📍 44 West 4th Street, KMC 7-176, New York, NY 10012, USA


☎ (+1) 347-784-8422


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