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Serenading Grade 6 Teacher, Mrs. Banas, for her Birthday!! 

A Note from Ms. Belhumeur: 

It's Summer Vacation! Wishing you a safe and happy summer filled with adventure, and also some rest and relaxation. 

During the summer, I can be reached via e-mail at abelhumeur@nrsd.net. As mentioned in a blast e-mail in June, I am more than willing to give consult over the break and can receive video and audio recording via e-mail to do so. You can expect response to e-mail within the week. 

Musically Yours,
    Ms. Belhumeur

Meet the Teacher:

Amy Belhumeur holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education from Gordon College. She has experience teaching music to students PreK-12 in general music, instrumental ensembles, and small vocal groups. 

Professionally, Amy strives to stay active and involved, always discovering new ways to bring music to students. She is a member of the National Association for Music Education and the Massachusetts Music Educator's Association. She has held offices with these organizations in her collegiate chapter of NAfME, and as an ambassador for MMEA. In 2015, Amy represented the state of Massachusetts for NAfME's "Hill Day" in Washington D.C., a nationally organized opportunity to advocate for music in schools. At the time of her graduation, Amy was awarded the Most Promising Music Educator Award from MMEA. 

As a performer, Amy has participated in a variety of ensembles: concert band, symphony orchestra, string orchestra, jazz choir, marching band, chamber ensembles, and jazz combos. She prides herself in being a versatile musician and has an interest in a wide variety of music from classical to indie and pop. Some of her notable performing accomplishments include achieving Principal Double Bass for the Gordon College Symphony Orchestra, and Principal Double Bass for her home state's All-State Festival.

When she's not playing or teaching music, Amy enjoys traveling, yoga, rock climbing, and playing with her cat (who ironically dislikes music very much).