The Northern New Mexico STEM Mentor Collective, funded by NSF INCLUDES (Inclusion across the Nation of Communities of Learners of Underrepresented Discoverers in Engineering and Science) seeks to raise aspirations and expectations in Middle & High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics by training and planting (in local schools and libraries) a paid STEM Mentor Corps comprised of caring, exemplary NNMC and UNMLA STEM undergraduates.

May 11 2017. Network Night in the Rotunda starting a 6pm!

March 2017. Watch our 3-minute Video entry in the NSF INCLUDES Video Showcase

January 2017. Thanks to the generous folks at SN3: Stoller Newport News Nuclear in Carlsbad, NM. SN3 VP Don George and Office Manager Lisa Atwood are the two in the back right of this photo with Northern's provost, the mentor collective's director and program coordinator, and two STEM Mentors. SN3's annual Gift Giving program will enable us to support more mentors this term and to train additional teachers this summer.

The Collective is Comprised of Three Student Support Networks

SSN1: Schools/Libraries/Museums: McCurdy Charter School  (Laureen Pepersack), Española Valley High School (John Sena), Pojoaque Valley High School (Stephanie Richard), Libraries: El Rito (Lynett Gillette), Embudo Valley (Shel Neymark) and Bradbury Science Museum (Elizabeth Martineau).

SSN2: Colleges: Northern New Mexico College (Steve Cox, David Torres, Brenda Linnell, Tony Sena, Ana Vasilic, Ashis Nandy, Ulises Ricoy, Jorge Crichigno) and University of New Mexico at Los Alamos (Irina Alvestad).

SSN3: Partners in Youth Development: Center for the Education and Study of Diverse Populations (Ron Martinez & Marcia Brenden), Science Education Solutions (Michelle Hall), Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation (Gwen Warniment), Regional Development Corporation (Carla Rachowski), Los Alamos National Laboratory (Dave Kratzer), Big Sky Learning (Michael Sheppard), NMTechWorks (Jennifer Case Nevarez) Espanola TechHub (Josephine Kilde)

Together We Coordinate 6 On-Going Programs

1. STEM Mentor Explorations, College Faculty and trained undergraduate mentors serving school students in four areas: Biology, Computing, Robotics and Mathematics.
2. STEM Mentor Summer Camp, College Faculty and trained undergraduate mentors serving school students. Same subjects as above, but now each six week exploration is offered over one week of daily meetings.

3. STEM Mentor Outposts, trained undergraduate mentors and local teachers and librarians recruiting youth to increase local STEM knowledge and address local STEM challenges. 

4. STEM Mentor Training Course, an 8 week one-credit college course serving undergraduate STEM majors at NNMC and UNMLA. 

5. Expand Your Network of Caring Adults, an 8 week program that provides youth with strategies for valuing and acquiring caring mentors.

6. STEM Mentor Teacher Workshop, a one-week summer course, serving STEM teachers and librarians, with the first four days day devoted to subjects from our STEM Explorations, and the fifth day devoted to curriculum planning in schools and collaborative planning centered at community libraries. 

At the close of each semester we gather together for Network Night. Here are photos from our December 2016 Network Night. 
Contact Information.
Director: Steve Cox, 505-747-5424,
Coordinator: Barbara Coulter, 505-747-5469,