Fundraising Activities

School councils have a responsibility to develop, encourage and promote policies, practices and activities that enhance the quality of school programs. In terms of fiscal accountability, the Schools Act, 1997 lists the following fiscal responsibilities of school councils:

  • Section 26 (3) (c) Approve and monitor activities for the raising of funds for the school
  • Section 26 (4) The school council may, subject to the by-laws of the board, approve a levy, the payment of which is voluntary, once in a school year, instead of, or as a supplement to, fundraising activities for the school.

While school councils have no legal authority to raise funds in the school or hold monies, they are responsible for ensuring any fundraising activities are planned and approved in advance and conducted in a manner consistent with board and school policies and the provisions of the Schools Act, 1997. When approving fundraising activities, it is important for school councils to consider the educational needs of the school and the number of fundraising requests.

School councils are also responsible for the approval of any levy that is charged by the school. In such cases, the school council must ensure parents are informed the levy is a voluntary payment.

A primary consideration for the school board, school council and school is that fundraising activities should always be undertaken based upon extensive dialogue and discussion by all members of the school community to ensure that decisions benefit all. This will result in greater consensus around fundraising


MMSB Get Matched! School Recycling Program

MMSB matches the recycling refunds for K-12 public and private schools in Newfoundland and Labrador during the school year. The Get Matched! program is an excellent way for schools to raise funds while encouraging students and families to adopt sustainable waste management habits at school, home and play.

If you drop off recycling to a Green Depot location, credit the recycling to:

Cape St. Francis Elementary

Phone: 709-335-2962

To count towards the program, collect accepted beverage containers and drop off to the nearest Green Depot NL location or any School recycling Blitz throughout the year.

In 2018-19, schools recycled approximately 11.2 million beverage containers and raised more than $1.1 million through the Get Matched! School Recycling Program.

For more information, check Green Depot NL's GET MATCHED! SCHOOL RECYCLING PROGRAM page.