School Council

The purpose of a school council is to develop, encourage and promote policies, practices and activities to enhance the quality of school programs and the levels of student achievement in the school.

A school council is a means to facilitate communication and cooperation among the principal, parents, teachers, community representatives with the goal of enhancing the quality of school programs and increasing the levels of student achievement. While the principal is responsible for the direct management of the school, school councils may assist school administration in the development and implementation of school-based policies, practices and activities which help improve the teaching and learning environment of their school.

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Council Members


  • Jennifer Peddle – Chair

  • Unassigned – Secretary

  • Klark Pike– Principal

  • Kerri Norberg– Vice Principal

  • Jennifer Moran – Community Representative

  • Amanda Peach– Community Representative

  • Kim Burry – Parent Representative

  • Sarah Evans– Parent Representative

  • Cagney Hughes - Parent Representative

  • Jennifer Peddle- Teacher Representative

  • Christina O'Grady- Teacher Representative

Meeting Minutes