Welcome to the BMW Car Club of America Nittany Bimmers Chapter. Our chapter serves BMW enthusiasts throughout the central Pennsylvania region.

 Our purpose as a chapter is rather simple... to promote interest in motoring; to organize and conduct touring activities; to encourage safe and skillful driving; to offer classes, disseminate information, produce various publications, and generally promote activities related to motor touring. Our vehicles of choice are made by BMW. And we have a good deal of fun along the way!

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Blue = Scheduled, Red = Nonchapter events, Gold = In Planning

Lancaster County Covered Bridge Tour 2022

Street Survival 10/1/22

Cars & Coffee 9/24/22

What is BMWBLOG?  

Founded in 2006 in Chicago, Illinois, BMWBLOG is an online magazine delivering news and media content to millions of fans from around the world.  BMWBLOG has a strong presence on social media with millions of followers who are interested in the latest and greatest BMW news, photos and videos.  Over the years, BMWBLOG has not only become the largest single online publication focusing on a particular car brand, but also one of the most important automotive media sites around the world.  

BMWBLOG’s professional content is often quoted by major car publications and mainstream media.  Our brand extends in Europe as well where sister websites are having a great impact in their own market: www.bimmertoday.de in Germany and www.bmwblog.ro in Romania.  In a single month, the talented team at BMWBLOG delivers over 400 articles, from short to long-form content, video features and exclusive photoshoots.

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