Chapter Officers and Contacts

The Nittany Bimmers board has the task of keeping the chapter running and compliant with the BMW Car Club of America's standards. Elected officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and membership representative) serve a two-year term, with a maximum of two consecutive terms. Webmaster and editor are appointed positions. If you want to get involved in the chapter and run for office, please email for more information. We encourage everyone to get involved.

Board Meeting Agendas/Minutes

Board meetings are held quarterly and used to discuss and plan chapter business. All members are welcome at board meetings and we encourage members to voice their concerns and suggestions at these meetings. If you wish to address an issue at an upcoming board meeting, please email to have your item added to the agenda.

Membership Meeting Agendas/Minutes

Membership meetings are also held quarterly, but are used to update members on the state of the chapter and BMW CCA in general and are less formal than board meetings. In addition, they are commonly held in conjunction with other chapter events where members are present. We welcome comments and suggestions and encourage everyone to present their ideas to make the chapter better for everyone.

Chapter Bylaws, Policies, and Procedures

The Nittany Bimmers Chapter bylaws, policies, and procedures describe how the chapter functions.

Financial Reports

It is part of the job of the Nittany Bimmers board to ensure that the chapter remains in good financial health. It is also important that the chapter's finances remain transparent to the members. To do so, we publish routine updates in each newsletter issue. In addition, we publish yearly Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet reports for all members to review.