Officers / Contacts

Chapter Mailing Address

Nittany Bimmers Chapter
4089 State Route 209
Elizabethville PA 17023 



Andy Miller

(717) 805-3978

2nd Term Expires January 2027

The President shall preside at all Club meetings. The President shall report the Club’s activities and shall supervise and coordinate the duties of the other officers. The President shall serve as the chief spokesperson for the Club in all public and BMW CCA communications. The President shall be authorized to sign and issue Club checks. The President shall retain ex officio status for six months after leaving office.

Vice President

Katherine Curci


1st Term Expires January 2025

The Vice-President shall officiate in the absence of the President and assist with all assigned duties. The Vice-President shall be responsible for oversight of event schedules and shall serve as liaison between the Club and event organizers.


Barry Loar

(717) 299-4040

2nd Term Expires January 2025

The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes of all meetings, be responsible for all correspondence, maintain Club records including minutes of past meetings, and perform other duties as assigned. The Secretary shall have available at all meetings a copy of these Bylaws, BMW CCA Bylaws, and Robert’s Rules of Order. The Secretary shall be responsible for providing notice of all meetings to the membership.


Richard Miller (Dick)


2nd Term Expires January 2027

The Treasurer shall have custody of all moneys, debts, obligations, assets, and past financial records of the Club. The Treasurer shall be authorized to make approved disbursements, sign checks, and shall maintain the Club’s books on a calendar year basis beginning January 1. The Treasurer shall give a financial report at each regular Club meeting and provide a written report annually for publication in the Club newsletter.

Membership Representative

Jim Penny

 (717) 979-4199

2nd Term Expires January 2025

The Membership Representative shall maintain chapter membership records to facilitate communication with members, welcome new members, and lead chapter recruitment and participation programs.


Member At Large

Lou Ann Shirk

Lonny Shirk 

The Member at Large shall serve as a member ombudsman and assist other members of the board as assigned.


Jeff DeDay

(570) 898-0420 

The Club may also maintain a website; the Web Master shall be appointed in the same fashion as the Editor. Website material must be reviewed and approved by the President or appointee of the President.

Street Survival Director

Ken Trayer

(717) 449-8052