Construction Materials Testing (CMT) & Inspection

Turn to NicNevol Engineering specialized laboratory and field testing for quality assurance

Whether you’re constructing a roadway, resurfacing a parking lot, adding features to a public park or installing a sewer system, NicNevol Engineering technical experts can determine if your project is being completed the right way.

Is the contractor completing work as specified and designed? Are consistent, high-quality materials being used? Are grading and excavation being performed properly? Are project specifications being met?

NicNevol Engineering passes the test for accuracy, objectivity, reliability and integrity

As with any inspection, you must trust the one performing it. Our professional staff includes registered engineers and technicians trained and certified in construction materials testing by ACI (American Concrete Institute), FDOT’s CTQP (Construction Training Qualification Program), NCAT (National Center for Asphalt Technology) and various other qualification agencies. We have completed construction materials testing and inspection services for a variety of roadway, bridge, building, and airport projects which includes taxiways, runways, airport aprons, and airport terminal facilities. Utility projects include the inspection and testing of sewer mains, manholes, lift stations, sanitary sewer improvements, storm water drainage improvements, wastewater treatment plants, and utility relocations.

Our technicians have conducted countless tests using industry wide state-of-the-art equipment. If NicNevol Engineers is already on your job site, use our experts for inspection and material testing to help you save in numerous ways. We'll know how your job is progressing, so we'll schedule testing to prevent downtime, even after hours, to keep your project on track. Because our services will be part of the total project cost, fees will be lower than having your contractor pay an outside firm to perform them. By having confidence in us, the results will lead to a project that will withstand the test of time.

NicNevol Engineers inspection and construction material testing capabilities include, but are not limited to, these areas:

      • Milling & resurfacing programs
      • Flow monitoring and infiltration test
      • Subdivision housing developments
      • Sanitary and storm sewer systems
      • Road construction projects
      • Grading/soil and erosion control projects
      • Transit Improvements
      • Site development
      • Structural evaluations
      • Pile driving
      • Auger cast pile
      • Drill shaft
      • Pull test

Industry wide standard testing equipment enables NicNevol Engineering to perform the following material testing services:

Soil Sampling and Compaction

          • Nuclear density testing for proper density (Nuclear Gauge
          • Determination of in-place density (drive-cylinder method)
          • Limerock Bearing Ratio (LBR)
          • Sand Cone
          • Proctors
          • Soil Cement

Concrete Sampling and Testing

          • Temperature
          • Slump
          • Air Content
          • Unit Weight
          • Yield Calculations
          • Water Cement Ratio
          • Concrete Cylinders (4”x 8” or 6”x 12”)
          • Grout Prisms
          • Mortar Cubes
          • Concrete Coring
          • Shotcrete Sampling

Asphalt Sampling and Testing

          • Core drilling to test for depth/ Thickness Testing
          • Superpave testing, in-lab density test (asphalt pavement)
          • Extraction/ Gradation
          • Bulk Specific Gravity
          • Plant Sampling and Inspection

NicNevol Engineering Services, Inc. has been prequalified and approved by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to provide Geotechnical and Materials Testing services. In addition, our CMT laboratory is accredited by CMEC and approved to service FDOT funded projects.