Webert Lovencin, PhD, PE is a principal and senior project engineer at NicNevol Engineering Services, Inc. Webert is a graduate of the University of Florida, where he received a BS, MS and PhD in Civil Engineering. While obtaining his graduate degrees, he was selected to be a Professional Engineering (PE) Trainee for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in District 2. Upon completing the FDOT PE Trainee program, he accepted a position in the FDOT Resident Construction Office in Palatka. While there, he worked as a Project Administrator, Project Engineer and Construction Project Manager. During his tenure at Palatka Construction, he was exposed to many aspects of FDOT’s operations including administration, construction, design, and maintenance. Having been exposed to the particulars for managing small to complex construction projects helped shaped his understanding of the business side of providing professional services for roadway and bridge construction projects.

After obtaining his Professional Engineer (PE) License, Webert wanted to sharpen his expertise by using his knowledge outside of the DOT in the private sector. Webert worked for a local private engineering consulting firm where he was able to work on the other side of the table and oversee projects. With a keen understanding of the construction business in Northeast Florida, Webert formed his own engineering firm, NicNevol Engineering Services, Inc.

He has been instrumental in the development and continued growth of the company. Part of Webert’s responsibility include finding new clients and maintaining existing client relationships. In addition, he has represented the organization in some civic and professional association.

Webert is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Society of Highways Engineer (ASHE), Florida Engineering Society (FES) and the American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM). Webert served on ASTM Committee Board C09.


PhD, Civil Engineering, (Transportation) University of Florida, 2007

MS, Civil Engineering, (Transportation) University of Florida, 1999

BS, Civil Engineering, University of Florida, 1997

Bensa Nukunya, Ph.D., P.E. is a principal and licensed geotechnical engineer at NicNevol Engineering Services, Inc. Bensa has over 20 years of experience in managing geotechnical engineering and materials testing projects. He has worked as project manager, where he managed FDOT Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing Districtwide Contracts for District 2, 4, 6 and Turnpike. He has also done similar work for other state and local agencies. His work involved design and testing on geotechnical engineering projects, Construction Materials Testing (CMT), Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) services. Projects include roadways and bridges, water treatment plants, sewer and water supply lines, commercial and residential structures, port/coastal facilities, recreational facilities/parks, wetland restoration projects, canal dredging, airport terminals, runways, ports and harbors.

Bensa has strong technical background in geotechnical and foundation engineering. He has performed field inspection services for drilled shafts, driven plies, concrete, asphalt, soils among others. In addition, he also teaches FDOT CTQP Classes.


MBA, South University, 2013

PhD, Civil Engineering, (Materials & Pavements) Univ. of Florida, 2001

MS, Civil Engineering, (Geotechnical) University of Toledo, 1998

BS, Civil Engineering, University of Science & Technology, Ghana, 1993

Casey Jones brings a decade of experience in the civil engineering industry. He brings a unique understanding and valuable experience to NicNevol Engineering Services, Inc. Casey was introduced to the industry while serving as a sub-consultant for a local family owned design build company. During this time, he began learning the ropes that would mold him into the manager he is today. Among his many talents, he has hands-on experience in soils, asphalt and concrete testing and associated construction inspections for roadway and bridge projects. He is very familiar with all aspects of roadway and bridge construction and provides inspections and project management assistance. In addition, he assists in performing laboratory testing of soils and concrete.


AA, Florida Metropolitan University, 2006

High School Diploma, Fletcher High School, 2004