Field Monitoring

Turn to NicNevol Engineering knowledgeable and experienced staffs for your field monitoring needs

NicNevol Engineers have experience in conducting both private and public field monitoring services. We are keenly aware of the responsibilities associated with monitoring. From planning of the actual monitoring to the collection of field data (data acquisition), our engineers are involved in every steps of the process. From site monitoring, to the operations and maintenance of field equipment to report preparation, NicNevol engineers is involve. Our engineers have experienced setting up structural health monitoring systems, set up to seek, detect and localize damage in existing structures such as buildings, bridges, drainage and other infrastructures. The design of such systems is typically set up to be active and provide needed data to pinpoint existence and location of damage by measuring structural response to ambient or forced excitation. NicNevol Engineering along with its staff has years of experience and proven track record of providing cost-effective and thorough field monitoring services.

NicNevol Engineering field monitoring services capabilities include, but are not limited to, these areas:

          • Specialty Engineer
          • Vibration Monitoring
          • Settlement Plates
          • Surcharge Monitoring
          • Settlement Monitoring and Instrumentation
          • Structures Monitoring During Construction
          • Mass Concrete Monitoring
          • Drilled Shaft Inspection
          • Auger Cast Pile Inspection