The Constitution of the Anti-Corruption Association 

 The name of “Anti corruption Association of non governmental organizations of the Republic of China” is the name of our association, referred to as NGO-ACA(NGO-ICAC). 

 This Association is a social organization established according to law and not for the purpose of profit , to supervise the government's implementation of anti-corruption to improve the quality of public governance, and the welfare of the people. In addition, the government agencies also need external supervision in order to avoid sluggishness on a long-term basis, and even cause self-discipline issues. The association is in the process of creating external supervision and motivating the government to enhance its national competitiveness, and establishing the integrity of the government. 

 The association accepts the processing of people to expose, appeal or the social investigation to find out the illegal discipline of government employee, the military , the police and civil service departments. We perform the following tasks: 

I. Supervision, advice and assistance for the government integrity policy. 

2. Proposals for the formulation and revision of relevant laws against the anti-corruption. 

3. Research on prevention of corruption and evaluation of enterprise credit certification. 

4. Academic seminars and international exchanges related to incorruptible. 

5. To observe, supervise and report on corruption of government 

6. The corruption investigation, information collection, publicity and disclosure. 

7. Other issues related to the tasks of the anti-corruption.