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Each NHS Member must complete 10 hours of tutoring per year of membership.  Some hours of tutoring can be replaced by taking part in extra activities for the Honor Society.  Mr. Stanczak will list these activities from time to time and if he approves of your participation in the extra activity then your tutoring hours will be decreased.  Some activities include summer classroom for new teachers, helping at Pollard over the sumer, aiding in web upkeep, etc.  See Mr. Stanczak or Ms. Bergeron if you have your own idea of an alternative to tutoring.

Tutoring includes:
  • Finding a tutee on the NHS Tutors Needed shared document 
  • Finding your own tutee and approving him/her with Ms. Bergeron  (tutees must have a C+ or lower and cannot be in your same class)
  • Being an aid in the Writing Lab
  • Working with a Needham High School teacher after school who is helping students (please have teacher approve of this arrangement with Mr. Stanczak or Ms. Bergeron)
  • Being an aid in the after school library tutor program
  • being a tutor at Pollard's tutor program  (dates and room to be determined)
If you have questions on how to tutor a student see Mr. Stanczak or Ms. Bergeron or click on this link that will give information of effective tutoring https://sites.google.com/a/needham.k12.ma.us/peer-tutoring/for-tutors/training/training-manual

Below is the list of tutoring obligations.  Each student will have this document shared with them and is responsible for updating their own hours immediately on completion of each tutoring session.  

NHS Tutors Needed

2017/18 NHS Tutors Hours Log