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Timeline Fall 2018

July 19th -Letters will be emailed to qualified students and their parents.  In the invitation will be a link to an online application site where all information
                        will be stored.
August 24th - The online application must be completed by Friday, August 24th.
****If a student needs more time to complete the application he/she must inform Mr. Stanczak (doug_stanczak@needham.k12.ma.us) or Ms. Bergeron (katherine_bergeron        
        @needham.k12.ma.us) before the 31st of July.  Extensions will ONLY be given if the applicant can prove that due to work, vacation, or summer camp the applicant was not given 
        enough time to complete the forms.   
September 14thStudents declining their invitation to join should return their signed refusal form by September 14th.
                              - Students applying should return their signed acceptance of terms form by September 14th.
                              - Those students with valid excuses need to have all their forms completed.
                              - All students applying MUST finish the process by handing in the signed (both parent and student) report of academic integrity and discipline 
                                form (listed below) to Mr. Stanczak (room 425) before or on September 14th by 3:00pm. 
October 1st - Acceptance/rejection letters will be sent out. 

October 12th - Acceptance form is due to Mr. Stanczak (room 425).  An induction fee of $30 is also due at this time.

October 24th - Induction Ceremony is scheduled in the NHS Auditorium at 7:00 PM.  Families are invited.