General Information

Cluster Meetings
Cluster meetings are designed to be a problem-solving/action-oriented forum when concerns arise about individual students. Teachers, parents and your child's guidance counselor meet together to discuss the concerns and strategies for improvement. If you are interested in scheduling a cluster meeting please contact your child's guidance counselor.

Lunch Groups
All guidance counselors facilitate lunch groups during the school day. The goal of lunch groups is to bring students together to meet new people, and also to strengthen existing friendships. In addition, groups can often be a safe format for problem-solving middle school issues and concerns. If you have questions about lunch groups please contact your child's guidance counselor.

New Student Registration
Welcome! Anyone new to High Rock should contact Corine Burke at the Central Administration Building located at 1330 Highland Avenue to receive and submit necessary forms and information. Medical records will also need to be sent to our school nurse, Carol Freedman. New parents and the student should contact the guidance counselor to make an appointment to review course selection, have questions answered, and receive a tour of the school.