Applying to Private School

If you are Applying to Private School:

While we hope you are all enjoying your experiences with the Needham Public Schools, we also know that some families will choose to apply to private schools as an alternative educational option.

In order to accommodate all requests in a timely manner, we have outlined the following procedures to assist in this process:

- There are two primary contacts for the private school process at High Rock School. Main Office secretary, Ms. Julie Pickard and Guidance Counselor, Ms. Nicole Rice. 

The main office is the starting point for all private school recommendations. This is necessary for tracking purposes and adhering to deadlines.

All requests for recommendations should be submitted to the main office no later than 4 weeks before your Private school application deadline. Recommendations are written in the order in which they are received.

Recommendation forms should be dropped off all together (typically 1 is for ELA teacher, 1 for Math teacher, and 1 for the Administrator (Guidance Counselor).

- A signed authorization “release of records” form must be submitted. Also, there is usually one provided by the school(s) in which you are applying. Please use this link to access the NPS Release of Records": Release of Records 

- An individual stamped and addressed business envelope (#10) must be included for each recommendation form (total of), as well as a large manila envelope (9x12), addressed to the school of choice and stamped with 3 first class stamps so that we may mail the student s test results and transcripts. All recommendations will be mailed directly to the schools.

- Some schools provide an online link, and it is up to the person writing the recommendation, whether they want to write the recommendation online, or hard copy. The Guidance Counselor’s recommendation must be submitted as hard copy, because it accompanies the school records, which can only be submitted in hard copy.

- Each student is asked to complete a student questionnaire and return to the office A.S.A.P. This completed questionnaire, along with a meeting with the Guidance Counselor allows the Guidance Counselor’s recommendation to appropriately reflect the student. Please use this link to access the questionnaire: Private School Questionnaire

English and Math Teachers will report to the main office when they have mailed or submitted the recommendations. This information is recorded for tracking purposes, so if you have questions as to when or if a recommendation form has been submitted, please email the main office:

I hope that this information assists families in the process of applying to private schools and how to get the necessary information for their child's application.

Thank you,
Jessica Downey