RVHS NJROTC Shark Battalion EST: 2003

Welcome to Riverview High School Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC).

WHY NJROTC? What does the NJROTC program do?

Promotes Patriotism * Develops informed and responsible citizens * Develops respect for constructed authority

Develops leadership potential * Promotes high school completion and higher education * Promotes community service

Develops a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline and leadership

Promotes an understanding of the basic elements and need for national security

Provides information on the military services as a possible career

Provides an alternative to gangs

Provides incentive to live healthy and drug free

What are the student enrollment eligibility requirements?

Be enrolled in and attending a regular course of instruction in a grade 9 through 12 at the school hosting the unit. Be physically qualified to participate fully in the physical education program of the host school.

Maintain acceptable standards of academic achievement and an academic standing that warrants at least normal progression leading to graduation.

Maintain acceptable standards of conduct and comply with specified personal grooming standards. Common sense and good judgment apply to the attainment of these standards. Standards will not be relaxed so as to reflect discredit upon the naval service.

NJROTC Extracurricular Teams

Color Guard - Team comprised of four cadets - two rifle bearers, National flag bearer, and Organizational flag bearer.

Drill Teams- Requires practice and discipline to complete movements that are precise and sharp. The teams compete in both Unarmed/ Armed Basic and Unarmed/Armed Exhibition team competitions and regular meets.

Cyber Patriot- Consists of between two and six competitors enrolled in the participating school or organization. While up to six students are permitted on each team's roster, a maximum of five students are permitted to compete at any one time during a competition round. The goal of every Cyber Patriot competition is to find and fix vulnerabilities in their images.

• Fitness Teams- Specialize in Push-ups, Sit-ups, and typically recruits fast runners for the relay at regular competitions. There may be opportunities to compete in strictly athletic meets.

Orienteering - Teams of cadets that learn how to navigate the land using only a map and a compass. The team then divides into pairs to test what they have learned against other JROTC units.

Marksmanship- Teams skilled in precision shooting using a designated air rifle to shoot at targets. Cadets participate in teams of four and individual shooting matches.

Extracurricular Team Participation Requirements:

You must be cleared in order participate on any athletic or drill teams and go to competition.

Watch the video here on how to create an account. Account Creation

You must have the required documents uploaded to https://athleticclearance.fhsaahome.org

The site will require you to register. Once you register, complete all the information and submit all the required documents for either JROTC Raider and Physical Fitness or the JROTC Drill and Orienteering teams for clearance. Please DO NOT select ROTC. If you have already made the category, then add one or both of the other teams as another clearance. It will be easy to click through and add the documents you have already uploaded to the ROTC registration. Once you have created and uploaded all your files for either the Drill and Orienteering or the Raider and Physical Fitness team then go back and delete the ROTC clearance request.

The Florida EL2 Sports Physical Form (the back page showing you are cleared without limitations (current), signed and stamped by physician in order to compete for the PT ribbon, be on the JROTC Raider and Physical Fitness team or participate in after school conditioning of any kind. Physical Form

The two risk screening forms:

1. Only needs to be signed by a physician if there is a yes checked on it. This form is required for the Drill and Orienteering team only. NJROTC Health Risk Screening Questionaire.pdf

2. Required for Drill and Orienteering and Raider and Physical fitness, (it is labeled as an option to upload in the system, add the file under the NJROTC health screening; you can add multiple forms) Cadet Participation Consent Form.pdf

Proof of Florida School Insurance-CURRENT- expiring in May 2022. Purchase School Insurance

Government ID photo of parent or legal guardian completing the registration.

Certificates for the two required FHSAA videos in student's name must have a date after May 4, 2021. The links below will take you directly to the site. Select your state, (Florida) and then order the free course. You will be directed to log in or create an account if you don't have one already. Use the "Forgot Password" if you do not remember your password. You will need the email address you used to make an account. If you have used a parent's account and do not have the password to your parent's account, you will need their assistance.

1. Heat Illness Prevention; https://nfhslearn.com/courses/heat-illness-prevention-2

2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest; https://nfhslearn.com/courses/sudden-cardiac-arrest

Make surer to sign with digital signatures. If you get a signature error then look at what the pink box is saying about your signature and retype it in the signature boxes exactly the way it is written. Signatures must be an exact match to you put in at registration or previous submissions or they will not process.

Please check our Calendar for upcoming important dates!

Go to below link for the NJROTC school year packets. These have parent and cadets required forms and physical to participate in NJROTC activities. Insure the Doctors stamps the physical and you purchase the NJROTC insurance!

Student Packets and other common forms for NJROTC

Distinguished Unit Award:

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Unit Achievement Award:

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