Technology Experience

Steven H. Meyer, Esq.

Practice limited to patent law and related causes

Technology Experience

My background is in Electrical Engineering, as I earned a degree in that field from the University of Pennsylvania in 1986. Accordingly, I concentrate my practice in electrical matters, computer-related matters, and matters relating to business methods. That said, I am highly experienced in working on mechanical matters and am as comfortable working in the mechanical arts as in the electrical arts.

In general, I have a wide breadth of technological experience across many technologies. I have performed patent services in connection with multiple electrical technologies, including: power relaying, electrical connectors, identification systems, software systems, cable television distribution systems, circuit designs, printers, memory devices, cellular communications systems, health care systems, medical devices, and file servers. I have also performed patent services in many mechanical technologies, including: toys, valves, high pressure seals, surgical scalpels, ophthalmologic speculums, and food slicing tools. Additionally, I have performed patent services in connection with many software and business method technologies, including digital rights management (DRM) systems, virtual machines and host systems, content management systems, computer power management systems, software licensing systems, software distribution systems, and streamed multimedia content systems.

The following drawing is from one of the first patents I wrote. I sketched the hands, which are mine -

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