About Me

Steven H. Meyer, Esq.

Practice limited to patent law and related causes

About Me

I am a patent attorney and have been registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office since 1993. I have limited my legal practice to performing patent-related services, including patent preparation, prosecution, planning, analysis, and management.

I represent clients of all sizes, including corporations, companies, and individuals. Regardless of the size, I make it a point to understand each client’s business and technology as well as how each invention relates to the client’s business plans. I believe that a patent is only worthwhile to a client if the patent supports the client’s business plans, and therefore I believe that patent procurement requires not only a thorough knowledge of an invention but also of how the invention relates to the client’s overall business.

This being the age of the Internet, I am committed to and rely heavily on the use of technology in my practice so as to provide highly responsive, quality legal service that is cost-effective. That said, I am also aware of the importance of the more human aspects of patent practice, and I take pride in my ability to work with each client on a personal level.

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