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Serving Main Dunstable Elementary School, Nashua, NH

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PTO Meeting - Tuesday October 9, 2018 at 6:30pm 

MDES Library
Invitation is open to all.  Childcare will be available. 

On behalf of the MDES PTO, welcome! Looking forward to the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.  Keep checking in for the most up to date information. 

This site will be updated throughout the year with information about upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, fundraising efforts and PTO Board meeting minutes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any Board member or join us for one of our monthly meetings.

Supporting the PTO is a fantastic way to become involved in your child(ren)’s school, get to know other families, and enhance the learning environment.

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501(c)(3) Status & AmazonSmile

MDES recently became a 501(c)(3) charitable organization with the work of our treasurer Amy Tefft. As such, donations to MDES PTO are now tax deductible. We will seek opportunities to qualify for charitable donations, including our most recent partnership with AmazonSmile. If you shop with Amazon, please designate Main Dunstable Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization as your recipient. Amazon will donate a portion of your purchase to us.

The Nashua School District requires all volunteers to complete a Volunteer Assurances Form prior to volunteering in its schools EVERY YEAR. MDES PTO is pleased to announce a new electronic system for completing the form.

Nashua School District Volunteer Assurances Form

Parents that run before/after school programs that do not have Nashua School District Staff present MUST go through the Nashua School District Finger Printing process. The first step is to complete the Nashua School District Volunteer Assurances Form. The second step is to check in with the office at Main Dunstable to request the appropriate paperwork be sent to the Nashua School District's Central Office. The third step is to go to the Nashua School District's Central Office on Ledge Street to have finger printing completed. There is no cost to parents. DO NOT GO TO THE NASHUA POLICE DEPARTMENT.

Join the MDES 2018-2019 Directory! Are you interested in contacting classmates, making play dates, and/or exchanging personal communications with others? The MDES PTO can help!

While MDES staff maintains an official database of contact information for MDES students, they are under no circumstances allowed to share that with others. Therefore, the MDES PTO offers an opportunity for families to voluntarily join our database which will then be shared with other families who join as well. Electronic distribution will be utilized, including printable files.

Click the link above to join.