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Paper Submission

NZCSRSC'10 uses the EasyChair conference management system to handle paper submissions. To successfully submit a paper to the conference, please follow the steps below:
  • Ensure your paper complies with the instructions given on the Call for Papers page.
  • Familiarize yourself with the "Topics of Interest", "Review Process", "Plagarism", and "Publication Status".
  • Go to the NZCSRSC 2011 EasyChair login page.
  • If you already have an EasyChair account, enter your details to login; otherwise set up an account through the "I have no EasyChair account" link.
  • Once inside EasyChair, click the "New Submission" link at the top of the page.
  • Fill out the "Address for Correspondence" fields.
  • Enter all authors in the sections below this (make the primary author the first entry - they must also be a student). The "Affiliation" field refers to the institution at which you study.
  • Tick all student authors as "Corresponding Authors". Corresponding authors will also be reviewers (see The Review Process below).
  • Fill out the Title, Abstract, and Category information as it relates to your paper.
  • Specify appropriate keywords, as per the ACM keywords list.
  • Click "Browse" to locate the PDF copy of your paper.
  • Click "Submit Paper" and you're done!

Reviewing Process

The NZCSRSC is a peer reviewed conference. There is no blind-review this year; in other words, authors should mention their names, affiliation, address, and email address on their papers. By submitting a paper, each student author agrees to be a reviewer. For each paper an author submits, they will receive three papers to review during the review period. Each author will be presented with their papers to review at the beginning of the review period. In order to be able to review the assigned papers, authors will be invited to join the program committee on the Easy Chair submission system.

Easy Chair allows users to toggle between different roles. As an author you will be able to see your own submission. As a program committee member, you'll be able to view, download, and review the 3 papers assigned to you. Each author must review all 3 papers assigned to them using the review templates available on Easy Chair before the end of the review period. Following the completion of the review process, authors will be notified about their submission outcome.

For questions regarding the submission and review process, please contact Fahim.


There has been some discussion in the past that student reviewers are sometimes overly critical, which can have a demoralizing effect on the students whose work is being reviewed. We attach an article that recently appeared in "Communications of the ACM" called "Hypercriticality" that points out that this problem may be endemic in Computer Science discipline. We would like to ask all the reviewers to heed the article and be sensitive when providing their reviews.


All submissions will be checked for plagiarism. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you are unsure what constitutes plagiarism, or would like more information on academic referencing, please visit Massey University's plagiarism page.

Publication Status

These papers are work in progress. They are not archival publications and will not constrain future submissions. Your work in progress may be reused for later publications if appropriate. Copyright belongs to the author(s)/owner(s) of the paper. Note that this is a student conference reviewed by students.


If accepted, the author (or one of the co-authors) should present their paper/poster personally at the conference.