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Course Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in taking any of my BCST online courses, please read through all information provided below including the Frequently Asked Questions.  Instructions are included for both pre-registered students, and students wishing to add. 


Primary instructions for logging in will be provided via e-mail to the student's CCSF mail account assigned by CCSF.  Please make sure you know how to access this email account and do so regularly.  If you are forwarding your CCSF messages to another email address, be sure to regularly check your spam folders! 

You will not be able to access the course website until the first day of the new term.  You must log in to the Course within the first 72 hours (3 days) of the start of term.  Failure to do so may result in your being dropped from the class and your space given to a student on the waitlist.

Textbook information and other general course details are available on the appropriate course links from the Homepage of this website.

If you are a new Canvas user (this is your first CCSF online course), the college will automatically send your login id and password to your CCSF student e-mail address.

If the class you are interested in is full, please use the waitlist feature on Banner to be placed on the waitlist for the course. If someone drops and space becomes available, the system will automatically add you to the class during the pre-registration period. After registration closes, I will use the waitlist to determine add priority and if there is space available, I will e-mail you at your CCSF account.


I have multiple e-mail addresses - which one should I use for class?

All communication from the college and from your instructor will be sent to the CCSF student e-mail address provided by the college.  Messages are sent via the Banner registration program and from Canvas directly, so the instructor does not input or edit the addresses used.  Additionally, the college sends out all login instructions and information prior to the start of term for all new Insight users to the CCSF address be sure to check this often or you will not receive critical information prior to the start of term!

The class I want is full.  How can I get in?

The first thing to do is add yourself to the class waitlist.  If the waitlist is full, keep checking back.  If space opens up in the course because someone drops, the system will automatically send a notice to the next person on the waitlist to add the class, which opens up a new slot on the waitlist.  If there is space available after classes begin, I will use the waitlist to determine add priority.  If you are next on the waitlist at that time, I will e-mail you and offer a chance to enroll.  If you are not on the waitlist but still wish to add, email me and I will let you know if space is available.

I am enrolled in the course.  Do I need to contact you to confirm my space?  What do I do now?  Where are the instructions for logging in?

It is not necessary to contact the instructor prior to the start of term to confirm your space.  Instructions and details on logging in and getting started will be sent to all enrolled students a few days prior to the start of term (to your assigned CCSF email address).  Textbook information and other details for each class are posted elsewhere on this website and will be emailed to all enrolled students.  PLEASE NOTE - if you are enrolled in one of my online courses, you MUST log in to the course and establish your account within the first three days of term – this is done by completing the Student Contract.  Failure to complete the instructions as provided may result in your being dropped from the course to make room for students wishing to add the class.

I have to take your class!  My graduation/degree program/major requirements/insurance/housing/financial aid depend on it!

Unfortunately, some students might get turned away each semester.  The classes are offered year round (this usually includes Summer semester as well), so try again during another term.  For Spring 2019, there are two different start dates available - the 16 week sessions begin on January 28; if those are full, you can take the 12 week session beginning on February 25.  There is a limit to the number of students I can take in each class, and while I take as many as possible unfortunately, I cannot always accommodate everyone who tries to take the course.

Will there be any on-campus classes or required meetings?  How will exams be given?

We will do everything online, including quizzes, exams, paper assignments and discussions.  There are no on-campus classes or required meetings.  Yes, this means that as long as you have an internet connection and complete the course work, you can take the course from any location - you do not need to be in or near San Francisco. 

Do we have to be online at certain times or can we study at our own convenience? 

Most work is assigned on a weekly basis, and you have a full week to complete each week's lessons.  Paper instructions and due dates are posted from the beginning of term, so you will have sufficient notice and warning of upcoming deadlines.  Exams are given online, and are open for the taking for a full week.