At Joshua Tree National Park:  

Welcome to my course pages! You will find information here for all of the courses that I teach. You can also find information under "Events and Opportunities" for sustainability and environmental restoration events happening in the area and please let me know if you have an event that you would like to add to the list!

Spring 2014 Schedule --
GEOG 1 -- T/R 12:40-1:55 in S-5
GEOL 30 -- M/W 11:10-12:25 in S-5
OCAN 1 -- M/W 12:40-1:55 in S-5
GEOL 30L -- F 12:40-3:30 in S-45
EMAP 22x -- M/W 2:10-4:55 

Office Hours -- T/R 2:00-2:30 in S-134, F 12:00-12:30 in S-45 or by appointment