AltiVec Enhanced Applications

AltiVec-enhanced Bioinformatics Applications

  • AGBLAST (NCBI-BLAST with Altivec-enhancements provided by Apple & Genentech)
  • ClustalW
  • HMMer (orginal version and hmmer with Altivec-enhancements)
  • primer3
  • Wise2

Bioinformatics tools for Mac OS X

eBioTools is a compilation of bioinformatics software that has been packaged for easy installation on Mac OS X. It covers many areas, from simple sequence analysis to RNA folding and sequence assembly.

The included programs can be run from the command line in the Terminal program. If you are interested in something that is more easy to use, please take a look at our program eBioX, which works as a graphical interface for eBioTools.