Welcome to the Psychology Crime Lab @ MacEwan University (PCL@M)

Welcome to the Psychology Crime Lab at MacEwan University

The PCL@M is an active research group situated in the Department of Psychology at MacEwan University. Research is focused on the prevention of sexual assault, child sexual exploitation, and intimate partner violence. Members have published peer-reviewed articles on these and other psycho-legal topics. PCL@M maintains several active collaborations with partners in the local community and other academic researchers.

Learn About Research in Our Lab

The primary researcher, Dr. Sandy Jung, involves undergraduate researchers in her projects. Students may be involved in a number of ways, as honours students, independent study students, and volunteer research assistants. Please contact Dr. Jung to find out whether there are vacancies in the PCL@M.

Refer to other links on this website for information about Dr. Jung, her research team and collaborators, and how to access recent presentations and media.

Please note that Dr. Jung is not looking for volunteers at this time. For those interested in such appointments, check back here periodically to see if this changes. Additional information for potential students is available here.

Latest News

Dr. Jung's book, RNR Principles in Practice in the Management and Treatment of Sexual Abusers, was recently published by Safer Society Press. DVD workshop training is also available through Safer Society Press.

This past fall, our lab had a strong presence at the Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Conference. For access to handouts, please click the link to the presentations:

And at the annual conference of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) in Kansas City, MO, we had the following presentations:. 
- Symposium: Risky Business [Julie BlaisFarron Wielinga, Mark Olver]