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2017-2018 School Information

Welcome Back! School starts on Tuesday, August 29th for students. It will be closed on Friday, Sept. 1st and Monday, Sept. 4th.


May the best Grade win….


Penny Wars is the only fundraiser the school will conduct this year. 100% of monies raised will go toward defraying costs from field trips and activities during the school year.


Here’s how it works:

This is a friendly competition between Grades. The object is to get as many points as possible during the "war" which lasts from Monday, September 18 through Friday, September 22.

---Each grade level will have a large sealed container.

---Students from each grade put their pennies in their grades' container. One point is received for every penny in the container.

---Now, here’s where it gets fun….students may put silver coins and paper currency into the containers of OTHER grades. Each silver coin or bill reduces the number of points from that container by the amount of the coin. (e.g. a nickel reduces the points by five, a dime by ten, a dollar by 100, etc...) This is where strategy counts.  Checks to Lunenburg PTO are also accepted.

---Containers are emptied and counted daily. The total monetary amount of silver coins and paper currency is deducted from the total number of pennies for the day.

---The totals for all Grades are posted daily to encourage friendly competition.

---Prizes will be given not only for the Grade that has the most money at the end, but in several other categories as well. Prizes include Weepuls for Monday winners, Additional Recess for Tuesday winners, Popsicles for Wednesday winners, Homework Passes for Thursday winners and Ice Cream Sundaes for Friday winners.

If we raise $2800 by Wednesday, Mr. Adams will allow himself to be duct taped to the wall!

If we raise $5,600 by Friday, Mrs. Champagne will dress as Abe Lincoln himself and have a dance session with the grade with the highest total.

Lunenburg Bengals Youth Football and Cheerleading Association
Looking for a new fall sport? Lunenburg Bengals Youth Football and Cheerleading is a wonderful program dedicated to teaching boys and girls the safe way to play football and to cheer. 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students interested in participating in this community sport can register online at

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email

District Report Card - as Turkey Hill Elementary School did not officially exist last year, we are providing results from both Primary and THMS to cover our current configuration.

To see Lunenburg's Current 2016 School Report Card:  Go to this web address - and then follow the "Enter the name of your school/district:" link to find your schools' report card.  You can also go to your school's webpage to see individualized information there or go to the Special Services website at 

  • THES Bell Schedule:

8:38AM  ~ First bell: all students enter building

8:48AM ~ Second bell: all students report to classrooms

8:50AM ~ Tardy bell: any student arriving after this must sign in at front office

3:10PM ~ Bus dismissal

3:15PM ~ Walkers and Pick-ups dismissal

**Half days ~ same start time, dismissal at 12:10.

  • Specials Schedule ~

We have four special area teachers this year who will provide enrichment activities in the arts for our students. 

Mr. Steve Kyajohnian ~ PE

Mrs. Deborah Smith ~ music

Mrs. Kelly Tierney ~ art

Mrs. Victoria Whipple ~ library and technology

We will operate under a six day rotation (Days A to F) so students can have PE twice, music, library, technology, and art once during that rotation. Our school calendar will include the letter day next to the date. If there is a snow day, that letter day is also canceled. 

Parent Newsletters

Parents: If you are not receiving these newsletters via email, please update your PowerSchool information to include a current email address, or send an email to

Welcome Families 8/7/17

Monthly Menus

As each menu becomes available, a link will be attached to the month. 



Total Earnings for 2015-2016: $1750.80

2015 - 2016 EARNINGS: $1,750.80

Thank you to our coordinator, Mrs. Tanny, Mrs. Salvatore, and all the parents who continue to collect and send in the boxtops.

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