What exactly were you expecting?
The main feature of IMMS is that it does not have a UI.
So here is an excerpt from the log instead:

# tail -f ~/.imms/imms.log

Tue Apr 28 10:22:51 2009
  [2002] [Rating: 100(0)] [Last: 12h] [Jumped] [After: 97(2)]
[/mnt/media/mp3/Virtual Server/Installed/02 Why (Would I)-emz.mp3]
  [7295] [Rating: 100(0)] [Last: 21d!] [After: 100(0)]
[...dia/mp3/Dark_Illumination/Pathfinder/Dark Illumination - 04 - Atomkrieg.mp3]
  [504] [Rating: 89(6)+2r] [Last: 21d!] [After: 93(5)]
[/mnt/media/mp3/The_Dignity_of_Labour/The Dignity of Labour/03 Hide-emz.mp3]
  [7248] [Rating: 100(0)+4r-13a] [Last: 21d!] [After: 100(0)]
[/mnt/media/mp3/Seabound/No_Sleep_Demon/10 - Seabound - Rome On Fire.mp3]
  [1220] [Rating: 100(0)+12r-21a] [Last: 21d!] [After: 100(0)]

[Rating: X(Y)+Xr+Xa]

  • X(Y) base rating of the song
    • X is the mean, and Y is the std dev (think confidence interval)
  • +/-X[a/r] indicates cummulative relationship of the current song to the last played, and last manually selected songs
    • r = correlations, i.e. how often are these two songs played together?
    • a = acoustic, i.e. How acoustically similar are the these songs?

[Last: X!]

  • This song (or another recognized remix of it) was last played X days/hours ago.
  • The ! indicates that the song was actually played longer ago than shown, but the value was truncated based on the length of the playlist. Note: never is a long time.


  • The song was skipped before it ended. Its rating will be decreased.


  • Indicates that the next song was manually selected by the user.
  • Songs that are jumped to will get a big rating boost.


  • Indicates that IMMS could not guess the artist and the title of this song.

[After: X(Y)]

  • X(Y) new rating of the song after the current play event.
  • The change depends on whether or not the song was skipped, or jumped to, as well as a variety of other factors.


  • Indicates that this is the first time IMMS has played this song.