Projects that use IMMS

  • IMFavorites - A useful tool for filling CDs/DVDs/Mp3 players with what IMMS knows you like.
  • IMMSView - An IMMS-aware playlist replacement for XMMS written in Python.
  • mmsv2 - Mpeg Menu System V2
  • immsscript - bash script for querying imms' database to create playlists and adjust ratings (multiple files at a time)
  • export to iTunes - A script to export IMMS-learned ratings to iTunes.

Projects similar to IMMS

If any of these have features that you wish were in IMMS, email the Mailing List to see if they can be added.
  • Dynamic Taste Detection - An XMMS patch for song rating.
  • gjay - Perform background analysis on your music to generate smooth playlists.
  • Mirage - acoustic analysis library and plugin for Banshee.
  • autoqueue - a plugin for Rhythmbox and Quod Libet using Mirage.