IMMS on Windows is currently experimental. Here are some instructions to get it running under Cygwin.

1. Install cygwin (download and run setup.exe from )

2. Install the following cygwin binaries (no source needed):

Cygwin should pull in the needed dependencies.

3. Sync IMMS source code from the repository

(use something like:

> svn checkout imms-read-only

or see )

4. Build Torch:

5. Build sox (by hand; currently there is no sox cygwin package)

6. Fix up two variable names (technical details: there is a bug in g++ pre 4.5.0 that causes the linker to add an extra _ underscore on the front of variable names. This causes building imms to fail with the error "undefined reference to `__binary____data_svm_similarity_start". For more details see these threads. Note: If you build a newer version of g++ or find another way around this, please email the list.)

7. cd back to the IMMS dir and run this to build immsd




8. Done! :D You should now be able to launch immsd.exe from the command line and see it running:


>immsd: version 3.1.0-rc10 ready...


Q: When trying to build imms, ./configure breaks with

./configure: line 4495: syntax error near unexpected token `pcre,'

./configure: line 4495: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(pcre, libpcre, , with_pcre=no)'

A: the automake system can't find the definition of the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro, which is usually in pkg.m4 (in a location like /usr/share/aclocal/pkg.m4). Try running 'autoconf' first by hand to pick up the definition, then re-run ./configure.

Q: IMMS doesn't detect that I have sqlite/pcre/fftw installed, even though I have the packages!

A: Did you have Cygwin previously installed, or did you install some Cygwin packages after running autoconf? Try running autoconf again so the configure system can pick up the paths of the new packages.

Q: When building IMMS under cygwin or fftw with cygport I get the error

"checking for C compiler default output file name...

configure: error: in `/usr/src/fftw3-3.2-1/build/float':

configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"

A: Check your config.log. Does it say something like

configure:3034: checking for gcc

configure:3061: result: gcc-4

configure:3293: checking for C compiler version

configure:3301: gcc-4 --version >&5

/usr/src/fftw3-3.2-1/src/fftw-3.2/configure: line 3303: gcc-4: command not found


configure:2256: checking for C++ compiler version

configure:2265: g++ --version >&5

g++.exe (GCC) 3.4.5 (mingw-vista special r3)


If so, you may be seeing this because you only have gcc version 3 installed; not gcc version 4 (which fftw requires??). Check out /usr/bin and see if you have executables like g++-3.exe, gcc-3.exe, and cpp-3.exe rather than the '-4' versions. If this is the case, simply install the 'gcc4-core' Cygwin package.

Q: When building fftw I get an error like

checking for Fortran 77 libraries of gfortran-4...

checking for dummy main to link with Fortran 77 libraries... none

checking for Fortran 77 name-mangling scheme... configure: error: in `/usr/src/f


configure: error: cannot compile a simple Fortran program

See `config.log' for more details.

A: You need to install gcc4-fortran.

Q: Even after installing fftw, when I run ./configure for imms it still doesn't think fftw is installed.

A: Check your config.log. Does it say something like

"configure:4753: checking for FFTW

configure:4760: $PKG_CONFIG --exists --print-errors "fftw3 >= 3.0"

Package fftw3 was not found in the pkg-config search path.

Perhaps you should add the directory containing `fftw3.pc'

to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable

No package 'fftw3' found

configure:4763: $? = 1

configure:4776: $PKG_CONFIG --exists --print-errors "fftw3 >= 3.0"

Package fftw3 was not found in the pkg-config search path.

Perhaps you should add the directory containing `fftw3.pc'

to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable

No package 'fftw3' found

configure:4779: $? = 1

No package 'fftw3' found

configure:4806: result: no

configure:4819: WARNING: ******************************************************

configure:4821: WARNING: "fftw3 >= 3.0 required for analyzer and missing"

configure:4823: WARNING: "Acoustic analyzer will not be built"

configure:4825: WARNING: ******************************************************"

? If so, do you have fftw.pc in the place you build fftw? (e.g. /usr/src/fftw-3.2). You can then probably just export that package directory as configure asks. Do something like:



and then re-run ./configure.

Q: When building I get errors like

  model/ undefined reference to `__binary____data_svm_similarity_start'

A: This is a bug in g++ versions prior to 4.5.0 - the linker is adding an extra _ underscore on the front of symbol names. This means the linker is unable to find these sumbols and fails to link. For more details see these threads .

To fix this you can get a copy of g++ version 4.5.0 or later (if you try this and it works please notify the list). You can also edit the variable names to remove the leading _ (but WARNING: don't check that code back into svn :P). To do so edit model/ and remove the leading _ from the variables "_binary____data_svm_similarity" and "_binary____data_svm_similarity_end".

To check that the files are being built properly inspect svm-similarity-data.o and/or libmodel.a (both are created in the 'build' folder). If you run 'nm libmodel.a' you should see output like

$ nm build/svm-similarity-data.o                 

000000000006d108 R _binary____data_svm_similarity_end

000000000006d108 A _binary____data_svm_similarity_size

0000000000000000 R _binary____data_svm_similarity_start

Q: I have a question that's not answered here

A: Please also check the IMMS FAQ. If all else fails, ask the mailing list.