DECA is a co-curricular student organization that gives students real-world experiences in the field of marketing. DECA membership is open to all students who are currently enrolled in a marketing course.

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What People are Saying About Arapahoe DECA:

"Our oldest daughter decided to give DECA a try in her junior year. Seeing how much she enjoyed it, her sister and brother followed in her path. The Arapahoe DECA program has been a tremendous experience for our kids - it built their confidence in presenting and taught them collaboration skills and fundamental business principles that will serve them well in later years - all while having a ton of fun at local and national competitions. (Richard Schultz, AHS parent)

"DECA helped improve my quick decision-making skills. It will undoubtedly help me in future job interviews." (Rick Zieser, AHS Class of 2015)

"DECA helped me grow into a leadership position, not only at work but in my own life as well. Because of DECA, I have excelled in my job and have continued to be promoted over the last couple of years and have been more confident in myself." (Jackie Welch, AHS Class of 2012)

"DECA showed me that marketing is more is more than just commercials and advertising; it's about strategy. I was able to develop my critical thinking skills that have lead to my personal and professional growth. I am more confident, innovative, and knowledgeable because of DECA." (Zach Atwood, AHS Class of 2010)

"DECA helped me decide my college major, helped me in my business career to have a solid business understanding of my customers, and made me confident meeting with senior technical leadership at Fortune 100 companies at 23 years old." (Clay Wilcox, AHS Class of 2009)

"DECA helped me realize I wanted to work with people! Although I didn't choose business as a career path, the skills and lessons learned in DECA have helped build my teaching career." (Katie Maron, AHS Class of 2008)

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