Name: Ben Lacey

Position: 8th Grade Language Arts

Education: Masters degree in education

Bio: I have taught eighth-grade language arts at Powell Middle School since 2002. Before I came to Powell, I taught English at Triumph High School in Cheyenne, Wyoming for two years and one year of ninth grade English at the high school in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. My wife (who teaches 7th grade language arts and facilitates the Gifted and Talented program at Newton Middle School) and I were married in July of 2000, and our son Cormac was born in January of 2006, just before I finished my Masters degree in education. While teaching English is one of my passions, I also enjoy most sports and outdoor activities, especially skiing and soccer. My home mountain is Winter Park/Mary Jane, and the club team I support is Arsenal, one of the great football clubs in the English Premier League.

In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I am also the Intramural Sports Director at Powell. I really enjoy getting to know our students outside of the classroom, and directing our athletics program provides me this avenue. Our excellent coaches know how to get the best out of our athletes, and I feel lucky to be a part of this group.

Contact Information: I am busy with athletics most days after school, so the best time for meetings with me is before school, and the best time for student help sessions is during Core Plus time or lunch. However, I may also be available at other times by appointment. You can also reach me by email:blacey@lps.k12.co.us.

My Mission

My mission is to encourage my students to learn to the best of their ability. I believe that all students can learn the value of thinking for themselves, asking questions, and never being satisfied with mediocre work. I want my students to understand that there is nothing easy about being the best person they can be, but that nothing worth anything ever comes easily. I want to build positive relationships with all children so that they enter and leave my classroom feeling valued, respected, and cared for. Most of all, my mission is to be a positive model of all that I want for them: a person who actively engages in learning, treats others with dignity and respect, realizes that questions are as necessary as answers, and recognizes the importance of reaching his potential.

Tom Hart, a talented art teacher at my first teaching job in Cheyenne, Wyoming, once said,"The road to mediocrity begins with the question, 'Is this good enough?'" My classroom and Powell Middle School are places where no one should settle for "good enough." I am fortunate to be a teacher at such a great school in one of Colorado's leading school districts. Powell is truly an exceptional place full of motivated students and dedicated staff members. Together, we have helped earn Powell an excellent school rating and positive reputation in our community.Together, we aim to be "as good as it gets."