Change my Address or Phone Number

I moved, can I change my address online?

Online updates of student address info is not available, please contact the registrar at for additional help.

For parent/ guardian contacts, see directions under "I want to update my contact information"

My child is graduating from one school to another over the summer. Do I have to submit another application to the new school?

No. Any student transferring from one school to another within the Londonderry School District will automatically have their account moved with the family portal account.

I need to change my contact record (parent phone number and/or address information).

    1. Log into Aspen and click the Pages tab.
    2. Find the Tasks area on the bottom right corner.
    3. Click "+ Initiate" to initiate a change request.
    4. This should pop-up a new window. (If it does not, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off, then try again).
    5. Click on the magnifying glass. Another window will open.
    6. Select which contact record you would like to change, then click "OK".
    7. Click "Next".
    8. Edit the fields of information you need changed, then click "Finish". (Note: it may take a couple school days to update in all systems)

You can only update guardian/ parent contact details, NOT student's information. Student information must be update through the school or the registrar.

I am moving out of district, do I have to tell someone about removing my portal account?

Yes, you will need to contact the school where your child was attending to have your portal account removed.