Classroom Rules

7th and 8th Grade Behavior Plan

1. Students, who choose to eat without permission in class, do not come to class prepared with the necessary supplies or assignments, inappropriately communicate with others, disrupt classroom and school activities, act disrespectfully, are chewing gum, have an unexcused tardy from recess or to a rotation, who violate the dress code, or are not at designated pick-up and dismissal areas may earn one step for each infraction. Students will be notified at the time a step is earned.

2. Students who accumulate 3 steps must report to the office for lunch detention. Students receiving 4, 5, 6, and 7 steps will serve a one day suspension from school as each step occurs. On the 8th step earned the student will serve a suspension and a conference will be mandatory with the administration and parents of the student to come up with a contract of behavior for the student.

3. Upon earning a step, teachers will note the date, day, and behavior on that student’s step record.

4. Upon earning lunch detention, the student is expected to report to the office promptly at lunch. Students are expected to arrive on time. The teacher on duty will call home to notify the parents of their child’s detention. If they have ordered lunch, it will be brought to them. Students will be dismissed five minutes early in order to use the restroom before their next class.

5. Students who arrive tardy to lunch detention without permission, disrupt the silence, act disrespectfully, or try to do any unauthorized activity will earn a SECOND lunch detention for the very next school day.

6. Students who earn no steps within any given quarter will earn a reward activity at the end of the quarter.

7. For behavior that is considered worthy of immediate expulsion from the classroom, a discipline notice will be written and sent to the office by the teacher. This behavior may result in a suspension.


If a student is given a suspension before lunch then that student will be sent home and that day will be considered to be their one day of suspension. If a student is given a suspension after lunch then that student will be sent home and they will serve their full day of suspension on the following school day.

If students are suspended they will not be able to make up any of the daily work that they missed. Students will still be able to make up any cumulative work that was due while they were on suspension such as tests, quizzes, and projects.