About Me

Hello! My name is Alexandria Enos. If your child has an older sibling they may know me by maiden name, Miss Kasmedo. My husband and I recently had our first child this past December. Her name is Freya and she is currently 8 months old and the light of our lives.

I've lived in San Diego since I was six years old and I love it here. You can't beat the access to the ocean AND the mountains. I come from a navy family with a love for the outdoors. I love spending time with my family being out and about or even enjoying Sunday dinners. My favorite activities are hiking, swimming and walking. I also love trying new foods and restaurants (i.e. Thai is a favorite!). Traveling is another passion. My favorite destination was Cusco,Peru where I participated in a study abroad trip during college. I love incorporating pictures I've taken of archaeological sites in the class. Pictures of Peru will be perfect for our study of the Incas!

I received my bachelor's degree of art in social science at San Diego State University. I graduated with my teaching credential in social science at San Diego State University too. History has been a passion of mine since I was young. I love discovering the connections between events and studying the causes and effects. I love working with students and helping students discover their potential. I worked as a tutor to pay my way through college. I have experience working with young children, middle schoolers and high schoolers. However, I must admit that 7th grade history curriculum is my favorite. Lastly, I can remember how challenging middle school was for me and I know that I can provide students with academic challenges (to boost their skills and knowledge) and support!

Thank you!