Server Based Computing

LA Eagle's Server-Based Computing Solutions

Server-Based Computing (SBC) has been widely deployed with tremendous benefits in many leading organizations & industries using cutting edge technology:


Server Based Computing moves the processing power from the client's individual computers to a centrally located Server system. The desktop device is much less important in this environment. Files may be stored in a common location, there is very little room for error with thin clients with absolutely no moving parts.


Workforce mobility. Bring the office anywhere.

Citrix Delivers No-compromise Wireless Access.

Establish and Manage Remote Offices.

Speed Deployment, Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency.

In a business world transformed by globalization, IT staff must be able to provide anytime, anywhere, any-device, any-connection access to the enterprise. They must deliver business-critical applications and information quickly and efficiently. Continuous access to real-time information is integral to success. Accomplishing this across the Internet, or any network, requires robust, centralized application delivery and management capabilities. The solution must be scalable, reliable, manageable and secure. Businesses can count on Citrix Solutions for Application Deployment to achieve this goal—and to maintain their competitive advantage.


Citrix MetaFrame software, Microsoft Server software, WYSE thin client devices, server hardware and LA Eagle design, integration and support services.

LA Eagle provides end-to-end consulting, design, component sales, project management, training and ongoing support.