Computer Repair

As we all know computers can be unreliable at times, we will do our best to consult with you about repairing, installing, updating, and cleaning along with everything needed to rejuvenate your system to its previous performance and beyond.

Hardware Repair
Monitor Problems
Printer Problems
Scanner Problems
Network Components
Cards & Expansion Part Problemss
Other Misc. Components & Hardware

Software Repair, Updates, and Clean Up
Data Loss
Operating System Re-install
Removal of Malicious Files
Windows Operating System Updates
Renewal of Drivers
Anti-Virus Install
Removal of Ad/Spy Bots

Hardware Installation
Hard Drives
Video Cards
Optical Drives
Floppy Disk Drives
Power Supply
Gaming Hardware
Camera Components
USB Buses
Training to use all components available!

Software Installation
All Windows Operating Systems
All Windows Office and Software Packages
Windows Server 2003+
All programs intended for Windows OS
Training to use all programs available!