Kathy Peterson

Principal Consultant

Kathy Peterson, founder and owner of KJ Peterson Consulting, has 40 years of experience in providing project management, environmental planning, and facilitation services to clients in the public and private sector - both as an independent contractor (2009-2018) and federal employee (USDA Forest Service, 1977-2008). Her areas of expertise include an in-depth knowledge of environmental compliance laws and regulations (NEPA); skill in developing and using project tracking mechanisms to guide projects and inform client decisions; facilitation and consensus-building skills; and a thorough understanding of natural resource management issues.

Kathy is noted for her positive sense of calm commitment to her clients' goals, coupled with a deep-down belief that all things are possible. Her reputation for honesty, integrity, excellence, and timeliness has resulted in trust among her colleagues, repeated contract offers from satisfied customers, and a GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) contract award.

Susan Woodworth

Associate Consultant

A native of Washington State, Susan telecommutes to her favorite sunny locale in southern California where she enjoys collaborating with others in the efforts of environmental awareness and stewardship through strategic design and project management practices. Her knowledge of project management principles and best practices strengthens the company's ability to develop attainable action plans and Microsoft Project schedules that bring tasks to completion within given time frames and budgets, while her knowledge of design principles and interest in human motivation and psychological factors propels systems-level thinking.

Susan's academic background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Design from the Art Institute of Portland, OR (2006), a Master's Degree in Project Management from City University of Seattle, WA (2012), a Master's Degree in General Psychology from Walden University (2015), and a graduate certificate in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) from Utah State University (2018). Susan's interdisciplinary approach aligns with the vision and mission of KJ Peterson Consulting, as she assists the company in "creating environments for change."