KAIST Graduate School of AI

Facts and Figures
  • Korea’s first MS and PhD program in Artificial Intelligence launched in 2019, aka "the KAIST AI" 
  • Top machine learning research group in Korea
  • KAIST ranked #11 in the world and #2 in Asia (following CMU, Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, EPFL, UCLA, Tsinghua, UCSD, Cornell, Toronto) in 2018 based on total # of ICML and NIPS papers (the ranks of other top Asian universities were Univ. of Tokyo 36th, NUS 57th, SNU 44st, HKUST 50th) according to http://csrankings.org
  • KAIST ranked #10 in the world and # 1 in Asia (following Berkeley, CMU, MIT, Stanford, Georgia Tech, Oxford, Princeton, Cornell, ETH) in ICML 2019 based on normalized # of papers according to https://medium.com/@dcharrezt/icml-2019-stats-4ba18fbc6543
  • The average age of the 13 faculty members are 38
  • They were formerly with Google Brain, IBM T. J. Watson, Disney Research, Microsoft Research, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, LinkedIn, AT&T Bell Labs, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, etc.
  • We are actively hiring new faculty members and plan to grow to at least 25 full-time faculty by 2023

Core Faculty
    Jinwoo Shin (PhD Math, MIT)
    Eunho Yang (PhD CS, UT Austin)
    Sung Ju Hwang (PhD CS, UT Austin)
    Kee-Eung Kim (PhD CS, Brown)  
    Kijung Shin (PhD CS, CMU)
    Jaesik Choi (PhD CS, UIUC) 
    Jaegul Choo (PhD CS, Georgia Tech) 
    Se-Young Yun (PhD EE, KAIST)
    Edward Choi (PhD CS, Georgia Tech)
    Juho Lee (PhD CS, POSTECH)
    Beomjoon Kim (PhD CS, MIT)
    Minjoon Seo (PhD CS, UW Seattle)
    Song Chong, Head (PhD ECE, UT Austin)