KAIST Graduate School of AI

Facts and Figures
  • Top machine learning research group in Korea
  • KAIST ranked #11 in the world and #2 in Asia (following CMU, Berkeley, Stanford, MIT, EPFL, UCLA, Cornell, Toronto, Tsinghua, ETH) in 2018 based on total # of ICML and NIPS papers (the ranks of other top Asian universities were Univ. of Tokyo 30th, NUS 39th, SNU 41st, HKUST 50th, CUHK 56th) according to http://csrankings.org
  • KAIST ranked #10 in the world and # 1 in Asia (following Berkeley, CMU, MIT, Stanford, GeorgiaTech, Oxford, Princeton, Cornell, ETH) in ICML 2019 based on normalized # of papers according to https://medium.com/@dcharrezt/icml-2019-stats-4ba18fbc6543
  • The average age of the 10 faculty members are 41
  • They were formerly with IBM TJ Watson, Disney Research, Microsoft Research, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, AT&T Bell Labs etc.
  • We are actively hiring new faculty members and plan to grow to at least 20 full-time faculty within next 5 years

Core Faculty
    Jinwoo Shin (PhD Math, MIT)
    Eunho Yang (PhD CS, UT Austin)
    Sung Ju Hwang (PhD CS, UT Austin)
    Kee-Eung Kim (PhD CS, Brown)  
    Kijung Shin (PhD CS, CMU)
    Jaesik Choi (PhD CS, UIUC) 
    Jaegul Choo (PhD CS, GeorgiaTech ) 
    Se-Young Yun (PhD EE, KAIST)
    Junmo Kim (PhD EECS, MIT)
    Song Chong, Head (PhD ECE, UT Austin)